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Dr. Sabrina Sosa Cheramie

Coverage Doctor + Chiro + Mom

Bachelors: LSU - Kinesiology

Chiropractic Degree: Life University - Marietta, GA

ICPA Webster Certified 

Pediatric Experience Trained

BirthFit Professional Trained

Meet the Doc

Dr. Sabrina is a chiropractor in the Houma/Thibodaux area who specializes in pre and post natal care as well as pediatric chiropractic. For Dr. Sabrina, chiropractic is a family affair. She is a second generation chiropractor and grew up in a holistic household where the lessons learned young, greatly impacted her life. Dr. Sabrina studied kinesiology at Louisiana State University and continued her chiropractic education at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. She is Webster certified and had the privilege of training under Dr. Jeanie Ohm with ICPA. She furthered her pre and post-natal education by training as a Birthfit professional. As well as studied the pediatric experience model to expand her knowledge on pediatric focused chiropractic care. 


Not only is Dr. Sabrina the daughter of a chiropractor, but she is also married to one! They are a family of three, and prideful of their little girl, Camila Jo. Dr. Sabrina had the privilege of experiencing a natural birth at birth center in Tampa, FL. She was inspired by the beauty of natural pregnancy and made it her mission to educate and empower women in their own maternity journey, whatever that may look like. She practiced in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area for 4 years before moving back to Louisiana where her husband is native to. Her husband, Dr. Slye Cheramie was born and raised in South Louisiana and they always knew they would call this home again. 


Dr. Sabrina is passionate about all things pediatric and prenatal, from conception to birth and the many milestones that follow. Her mission is to educate her community on the importance of brain-body connection and how chiropractic plays it’s significant role.


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