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Mama's Chiropractor Recommends 

For long periods of sitting, don't neglect that low back curve! It is the foundation of the spine and proper posture here, allows for those discs to remain healthier longer. 

lumbar support pillow.jpeg
Decorated Bedroom
tempur pedic pillow.jpeg

for chronic neck pain and anyone generally looking for a better pillow 

5 min a day to help restore proper neck posture and relax stressed postural muscles 

neck pain houma chiropractor.jpeg
back stretcher for vertebral disc maintenance.jpeg
back stretcher for vertebral disc maintenance.jpeg

Lumbar Disc Maintenance for those who are overloading low backs.

5-10 a day will help maintain disc space and disc hydration reducing inflammation at the nerve root and allowing over worked postural muscles to


If you are someone you know owns a bumbo, just go ahead and burn it. 

The upset actually takes into consideration the delicate hip structure of a growing baby. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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