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Dr. Natalie Voisin Lirette

Founder + Chiro + Mom

Bachelors: LSU - Sports Administration

Chiropractic Degree: Parker University - Dallas, TX

ICPA Webster Certified 

Baby Begin & KinActive Kids Trained

Functional Neurodevelopment *in training*


Meet the Doc

Dr. Natalie married her dream of being in the healing arts and an entrepreneur through Mama’s Chiropractor


This chiropractic clinic has not only been a blessing to her community, but also the biggest blessing to her as she navigates the demands of being a young mother. She strives to manage time very well and fashion more efficient systems in order to give her patients the best of herself clinically but also her family the best of herself emotionally. 


Natalie grew up in Downtown Houma, La - 1 of 8 children - and graduated from Houma Christian School in 2010. She went on to study Sports Administration, Kinesiology, and Human Resource Management at LSU - graduating in 2013. During her college years, you intended on beginning a path in physical therapy. She shadowed some of the best therapist in Houma, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, but made a last minute shift into chiropractic after working for just 1 Summer in Dr. Mike Flynn’s (now retired) office. It didn’t take her long to see that she would still be able to impact people’s lives from a pre/post rehabilitation sense, but also be able to promote health and preventative wellness practices through the chiropractic profession. Three months after her experience with Dr. Mike and Darlene Flynn, she started at Parker University in Dallas, TX and became a mother and a Doctor of Chiropractic in the Winter 2017.


Her positive educational and natural birthing experience in Dallas, TX opened her eyes up to what was missing in the community that she grew up in and would ultimately be moving back into (Houma, LA). Still to this day, she has not taken her eyes off of the goal of bringing empowering birth education and resources into her chiropractic practice. This has evolved into having many expecting mothers, pediatric patients, and ultimately dad coming on board for care too. 


She still has so much learn and experience in motherhood and chiropractic practice, but adores this stage of life and is trying to be patient as she flows through this beautiful journey.




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