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Monthly Wellness

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Techniques offered:


Drop Piece


Tonal  or Logan Basic

Myofascial Release

Active Release Technique is applied to hypertonic (tight/painful) soft-tissues that contribute to the source of the misalignment. Kinesiotape is also utilized for more acute cases of soft tissue dysfunction

Therapeutic Exercise

Typically, patients will receive home exercises or other  recommendations to help support their care. We want to see each patient find balance as quickly as possible!

How does chiropractic even work?

1. The Adjustment

Joint gets stimulated - the chiropractic adjustment provides stimulation to an under active joint 


You begin to feel more at ease and aligned... not only physically, but mentally, because your brain is not having to consistently adapt to imbalance ⚖️

2. Nervous System Stimulated

Brain (frontal lobe) is stimulated and logs into the body (or the joint) that was stiff, restricted, or inhibited. 🌐


Overtime, you manage to not only receive pain relief, but experience increased range of motion and functionality 👍👍 

3. Brain-Body Connection Restored

Body's nervous system begins to restore proper joint mobility by recruiting the proper muscular firing to the area that was dysfunctional 💪


Muscle Memory takes over & your need for frequent rehab will begin to diminish 🗓️

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Individualized soft tissue assessment + segmental correction allows you to hold your chiropractic adjustment longer

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